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Profile:  Resident Beer Expert and full-time dissertation slacker, Grace Underfire hails from Southern California where she skateboards on the beach/streets with her longboard, stays strong as one of the couples married before Prop 8, and hangs out with her wife and west highland white terrier. Underfire has lived in Northern California, Western New York, and Iowa. She drinks, she eats, she repeats.

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Queer Beer: a beer for gays and lesbians

By in Food and drink

A Mexican company has launched a new beer aimed at the gay and lesbian community that will also be exported to other countries, company officials said.

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By in LGBT Rights, Politics / Current Events

While we don’t like a lot of what is going on in the world, I certainly do love that more people are trying to make it better. All of that progress started with a vote and an opinion or idea. Everything is amazing right now and we can ONLY…we can ONLY make it better.

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My Love is louder than “Yours”

By in Featured, LGBT Rights, Serious Post

After having seen Love is Louder, It Gets Better, and “Wear a purple shirt day” happen, I got to thinking. I read an excellent forward on my Facebook written by Dan Savage in response to a letter that started with, “I heard an interview with you about your It Gets Better campaign. I was saddened and frustrated with your comments regarding people of faith and their perpetuation of bullying.”

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By in LGBT Rights, Politics / Current Events, Serious Post

I am a skateboarding California Christian educated legally married powerfully sensitive DYKE.

It gets WAY better.

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Why I want to be Asian

By in Culture, Mindless chatter, Momma Grace

This is really in honor of Chu and Yip, as their conversations about their mothers are fantastic. Chu’s recent posts on her facebook were the last straw in my decision to become Asian. I have always dabbled in the Asian through sushi bars, living in Southern California, and using chopsticks. It just isn’t enough anymore. I would like to be Asian, and I present my reasons why.

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Prop 8 Update

By in Serious Post

And we wait for our rights. Again.

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By in Politics / Current Events

Stephanie Miller, a morning radio talk show host, had her coming out this morning on the air. She announced the impending outing on her twitter, and her fans thought she might be leaving the radio for good. Nope – she was just about to come out of the closet and into the light.

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My hypothetical children

By in Parenting

My wife and I, while we would like to have children, are in the in-between stages of our lives. I just took a new job in Southern California and she will be going back to get her MSW. Money is tight, we are lesbians, and well, it just isn’t that easy. We have decided, in the interim, to have hypothetical children.

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A Guide to Pride: SoCal and Midwest

By in Pride

In SoCal or the Midwest? Here is Grace Underfire’s Guide to Pride! Haaaaaay!

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