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  • Ten lesbians run into a restroom. Did hilarity ensue? Sadly, it did not.
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  • Pretend to be nice for dates 1 through 15. Reveal true self after.
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Profile:  One part social worker, one part mother and one part writer, muddled with wit and a full lime; served on the rocks with a lesbian twist.

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National Lampoon’s Subversive Vacation

By in Culture

By sharing these private images, Ellen and Portia make the idea of same-sex marriage and relationships seem less scary. Radical? No. Progress? Definitely. Maybe Ellen wasn’t joking about world domination.

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(Bipartisan!) Election Hangover

By in Politics / Current Events

The thrill of victory or the agony of defeat – chances are that you are feeling one of those things today. To help sort things out, Grace the Spot is providing a guide to signs and symptoms of an Election Hangover.

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Hipstamatic? Pfft! Try the Lesbomatic!

By in Culture, Mindless chatter

You’ve heard of the Hipstamatic application for iPhone but now it’s time for the Lesbomatic! Digital photography has never looked so queer! This iPhone application turns your plain pictures into lesbian works of art.

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Lesbian Peer Pressure

By in Culture

You know what lesbians lack in their lives? No – not that. Pressure. That’s right. We are all just gliding along with no stress at all. We never agonize over decisions, never feel regret. Heck, we don’t think at all! We just float from thing to thing with the ease (and intellect) of Tarzan swinging on his rope swing. Fortunately, other lesbians are willing to help!

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The Mall of America is a scary place

By in Mindless chatter

There should be a special clothing store for lesbians. In this magical shop, there would be no women’s clothes and men’s clothes. There would just be clothes – some for the girly girls, some for butches and some for everyone in between. The clothes would be stylish and there would be lots of friendly queer salespeople on hand to help you put a look together. I can tell you one thing for certain – such a shop does not exist at the Mall of America.

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The day I fell in love with the Fluevog saleswoman

By in Fashion, Mindless chatter

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes. They can make you feel sexy and powerful. If this were not an essential truth, we wouldn’t have spent so much time on this site talking about footwear. And sometimes shoe shopping can set the heart aflutter.

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Pride? Forget it.

By in Pride

I’m not going to Pride this year and informing my friends of this decision has been like coming out all over again. I sit them down, take a deep breath and say, “There’s something that I have to tell you.” and they fidget nervously like I’m about to tell them that I finally offed my crazy gay neighbor who insists on vacuuming the mulberries out of his lawn at 5a.m.

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World Cup: who are you rooting for?

By in Sports

I was a typical American for most of my life, never really knowing or caring much about soccer at all. I had never heard of the World Cup, had never seen a game, had no knowledge of crazy fans with painted faces waving flags and screaming wildly.

Then, I met my girlfriend.

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Does your mama do drama?

By in Momma Grace

There is a children’s book called, “Is Your Mama a Llama?” in which a little llama named Lloyd asks his animal friends about their mothers. We know something that Lloyd does not, however. We know that the word that goes best with “mama” is not “llama” – it’s “drama.” So, step aside Lloyd because I need to ask, “Does Your Mama Do Drama?”

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BIGFOOT! Or, friends don’t let friends wear ugly shoes.

By in Fashion

We cannot let Vibram creep into the fashion lexicon of our community. It took long enough for us to transcend that whole Birkenstock stereotype and, if lesbians start buying these shoes en masse, we will never live it down. This is the sort of fashion mistake from which people do not recover. So, let us be vigilant. If you see a lesbian wearing these, wrestle the damn things off of her woman-lovin’ feet. Friends don’t let friends wear ugly shoes!

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