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Profile:  I work way too hard for way too little pay as an elementary school teacher. Apparently I'm supposed to be "filled with the riches of teaching children" but that doesn't pay the mortgage. I am a total morning person much to the chagrin of almost everyone I know. I love black coffee, pancakes and peanut M&Ms. I'm random, I ramble, and I often don't pay attention to my surroundings when I speak my mind. While I've lived in North Carolina for almost a decade I have proudly retained my Jersey roots and accent. Now I feel like I just filled out an online dating form and hope you like me enough to click the links below to find out more...

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Taking in strays

By in Mindless chatter

While sitting on the couch the other night my girlfriend looked at me a said in all seriousness, “Do you realize that we are now that couple that takes in strays?” I became very concerned about her and tried to figure out how to gently and lovingly tell her she has been that person for years. I thought she was talking about animals, but this time she was referring to people.

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Hawaii: Rainbow Misdirection

By in Culture, Travel

Displaying rainbow leis pretty much outs you as a flaming lesbo is pretty much all of the United States, except Hawaii, where it just outs you as a Hawaiian. So how do lesbians find each other in Hawaii?

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The gay boys save Halloween

By in Culture

I need to make an apology. An apology is causing me to hang my head in shame over my arrogance and my need to be right. I am here to apologize to Halloween. For years I have doubted you, scoffed at your fame, and been cynical towards those that love you. This past weekend you redeemed yourself and have been restored to your rightful awesome place among holidays.

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Vests – don’t call it a comeback

By in Awkward, Fashion

The vest is back in fashion, making the “is she or isn’t she” game much more challenging.

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Living Arrangements

By in Culture

As lesbians we are well-acquainted with furniture that is easy to assemble, disassemble, and re-assemble in a new location. We all have friends that will compete as to who can best pack a box (pun intended thank you very much), how many rolls of packing tape, boxes and newspaper you will need, as well as any other element of moving. As anyone who has ever moved knows, the worst part is the few w…

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Inaccurate Assumptions

By in Culture, Straight People

There are many inaccurate assumptions about our community from outsiders, and thankfully most are thought but not said because well that’s just not “kosher.” Every now and then someone says something, and I become the angry lesbian and react before I think. My girlfriend and I had a gay-overloaded weekend consisting of the NC Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and an Amy Ray concert. A weeken…

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Stuff Lesbians Like Part 115: Stating something is “So Lesbian” as if they are above it while loving something equally lesbian.

By in Stuff Lesbians Like

We all know that dyke who acts as if they are above living as a walking lesbian cliché. They refuse to wear anything from American Eagle, abhor Tivas and wouldn’t be caught dead sporting a faux hawk. They are quite verbal about how they can’t stand these things and how lesbians can do so much better when it comes to fashion. They work very hard to enlighten their poor, uneducated gay posse all w…

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