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Grace Brightman

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Profile:  Hey, I'm probably another person you never knew existed. I live in rural England (and have the accent to match) where I study philosophy, psychology, chemistry, physics and latin for A-level (last 2 years of high school). Some day I'll even get a degree! When I'm not reading some book or other, I'll either be composing music for my beloved piano (I play most other percussion instruments too), scribbiling cryptically in my journal then proceeding to forget the secret code I made up, or dancing (if you could call it that) in my kitchen. I think humans are facinating, if a pain in the butt sometimes, and when I ride the subway, I try to remember everyone's faces in my carriage so I'll know if I ever see them again. By the way, I don't really wear a superhero mask.

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Escaping Narnia

By in Culture

Ummm, I have a slight confession to make. Technically speaking, I’m not ‘officially’ out yet. I mean, everybody with half a brain cell’s gotta know by now (seriously, I could tick off most of the things on our Stuff Lesbians Like list), but I’ve never actually broadcast it to the masses.

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Finding Out Victoria’s Secret: An Underwear Shopping Expose

By in Fashion, Straight People

I shop almost exclusively at the ‘mens’ section in stores, but (apparently)looking much like an androgynousteenage boy myself, I manage to get away without people acting like I’m out of place. Dare I go to the changing rooms to try anything on though… One shop assistant actually forcefully barred me from the ladies room once, but I think he was just trying to get me to flash him 😉

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The Gender-Confused Magician and I

By in Uncategorized

Sorry dude, but if you can’t even get my sex right, then I doubt you’ll be able to suss out the inner workings of my mind. No offense.

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Stuff Lesbians Like Part 120: Men

By in Stuff Lesbians Like

Hey, before you bust up you computer in anger at such an un-lesbian statement, I’m not saying that all lesbians secretly crave penis, cos I sure as hell know that I don’t! No, I’m talking about platonic relations with men, see? I mean that the whole stereotype of us hating men really is a load of crap.

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Promming It Part 2: Walking the Walk

By in Events, Fashion

Grace Brightman talks about attending her prom and running for Prom Queen dressed in gender bending 19th century period drama duds.

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Promming It

By in Events, Fashion

The horror! Prom is now upon me! And I’ll have to dress up? Note: Before you start thinking of the American version, in England it’s a bit different.

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Confessions of a Pride Virgin

By in Pride

Our newest Grace hails from England and her London Pride dreams were just shattered by a garden party. Send her some virtual Pride love, won’t you?

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