• Dinah Shore Weekend is a comin’! Interview with Mariah Hanson, founder of Club Skirts The Dinah
  • Ten lesbians run into a restroom. Did hilarity ensue? Sadly, it did not.
  • My Love is louder than “Yours”
  • Pretend to be nice for dates 1 through 15. Reveal true self after.
  • How to be The World’s Worst Girlfriend

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If You Give A Dyke A Destination

By in Travel

In honor of my past group vacations over the last year, I thought I would whip together a quick parody of one of my favorite children’s books. And if you can’t figure it out, ask a 4 year old about the potential risks that comes with giving a mouse a cookie 😉

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Top 5 Lesbian iPhone Apps

By in Culture, Dating, Mindless chatter

Ever been five beers into a happy hour with your friends, spot a girl across the bar, and suddenly wonder… “Hey isn’t that my ex’s ex-girlfriend?” Well, my fellow beer goggle dykes, never fear. Yup. There’s an App for that.

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Where in the World Has Grace O’Neill Been?

By in Culture, Sports

Grace O’Neill is finally back and dishes on the “other” NYC lesbian scene… and it involves a flying ball or two.

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Sneaky Gay

By in Non L Word TV

Why is Grace O’Neill’s itching to don a track suit and whistle?

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All Girls Must Wear Dresses…

By in Fashion, Mindless chatter

Grace O’Neill jumps on the bandwagon and weighs in on the sudden controversy surrounding little Shiloh Jolie and her tomboyish tendencies.

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Do These Come in a Size 6?

By in Fashion, Mindless chatter, Uncategorized

Grace O’neill’s got a problem… a shoe problem.

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Faux Single Lesbian Syndrome

By in Dating, Mindless chatter

FSLS! It’s a problem. A BIG problem.

And Grace O’Neill can’t help but ask…What’s a single dyke to do?

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Dear Clearly Confused Gay Boy

By in Mindless chatter

An open letter to one very, very confused gay boy.

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A Little Mash Up to Welcome in 2010!

By in Music

It’s 2010! Time to kick off this decade in style!

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