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Too good not to post: Barney Frank pwns a woman who compares Obama to Hitler

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The announcement of Obama’s proposed health care plan has caused an extraordinary number of citizens to come forward and put their untreated mental illness on display for all to see. The latest desperate measure by lunatic fringe of the right is comparing Obama’s administration to the Third Reich. Barney Frank tells it like it is to one of these loons.

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I apologize ahead of time

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I am going to disrupt the flow of this blog to bring you a couple of songs that managed to hit #1 in Germany simply because I feel like torturing you. Suddenly Meatloaf isn’t so embarrassing.*

(1) “You Drive Me Crazy” by Daniel Küblböck, a contestant who did quite well in Germany’s version of American Idol:

(2) And this, the “Kuschel Song” by an anima…

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This Woman’s Work

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Dr. Marta Meana appeared on Oprah last week speaking about passion (with regard to new relationships and sex). She claimed that passion dies because it is based on novelty, discovery and desire/being desired. Largely, what was discussed in Friday’s episode was inapplicable to our kind (lots of talk about ovulation, planting seeds, yada, yada, yada) — but this piece, I thought,…

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I stole this idea from Margaret Cho – it’s time to activate Al-Gayda!

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“Al Gayda was accidentally activated by Margaret Cho, the best comic of all time, in the last quarter of 2004. After participating in a fundraiser for Presidential candidate John Kerry, Margaret Cho receive thousands of hateful, racist emails from the Republican Reich and the Christian Reich, which may be the same thing. In response to these emails and to show how racist and hate…

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Ex- marks the spot

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Everyone’s got an ex- story. For instance, one of my exes looked up one time to see her ex- on one of those crime shows. But get her to tell you that one.

My ex- story begins, as the ones worth telling do, with what seemed to be a fairytale romance. OMG, I’d found the perfect woman. She had her broken places, as we all do, but there wasn’t anything I couldn’t live with.


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Breaking News! ABC political commentator acknowledges that Hawaii is a state!

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Media Matters reports:

On the August 10 edition of ABC’s This Week, ABC News political analyst Cokie Roberts criticized Sen. Barack Obama — who was born in Hawaii — for “going off this week to a vacation in Hawaii,” which she said “does not make any sense whatsoever.” Roberts stated: “I know his grandmother lives in Hawaii and I know H…

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People like this are the reason why New Yorkers get a bad rap part 2

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We love flawed characters in film and television, because we are all imperfect. We identify with them and live vicariously through their struggles to overcome their flaws, and when they do strive and succeed, we experience a sense of hope that humanity itself, despite its flaws, will triumph over adversity.  However, the entire cast of characters in this Metro article is flawed to the p…

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Gotta love those British tabloids.

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A screenshot from this story on lesbian action on UK Big Brother:

Did you read that? Girls kissing! SHOCK! SHOCK! IN ALL CAPS AND WITH AN EXCLAMATION POINT! Everyone drop everything, including your jaw, because you’re supposed to be SHOCKED! If you aren’t shocked, there’s something wrong with you, and you need to go find the nearest light socket and stick your finger…

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Induction into the Golden Short Bus Hall of Shame: Tila Tequila and Usher

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I love awards shows. So I’ve created another awards category for this site called the Golden Short Bus Hall of Shame, which is reserved for celebutards who say dumb things about gay-and-lesbian-related issues. No, not mean things, just stupid things that should be ridiculed. Induction into the Golden Short Bus Hall of Shame is very difficult, because induction is reserved for t…

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