• Dinah Shore Weekend is a comin’! Interview with Mariah Hanson, founder of Club Skirts The Dinah
  • Ten lesbians run into a restroom. Did hilarity ensue? Sadly, it did not.
  • My Love is louder than “Yours”
  • Pretend to be nice for dates 1 through 15. Reveal true self after.
  • How to be The World’s Worst Girlfriend

Stuff Lesbians Like Part 124: Reply-All-colism

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What really makes a lesbian more excited than a paparazzo in room full of Kardashians is when she receives a mass email announcing a night on the town or a house party. This is not because she will get to drink cocktails with her friends and thirty other people she barely knows but pretends to be best friends with. It means that she will be able to solidify her position in the entourage by announcing her presence and expressing her thoughts to a built-in audience by pressing “reply all.”

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Top 5 Lesbian iPhone Apps

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Ever been five beers into a happy hour with your friends, spot a girl across the bar, and suddenly wonder… “Hey isn’t that my ex’s ex-girlfriend?” Well, my fellow beer goggle dykes, never fear. Yup. There’s an App for that.

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How dumb is your favorite lesbian website?

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Last night, Gawker gave us all a heads up that you can now filter search results by reading level on Google. Let’s see how dumb your favorite lesbian websites are.

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A hodgepodge of stream-of-consciousness queerish goodness from the city that doesn’t sleep (because we’re on Facebook 24-7)

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Every time I write one of those New York Scene columns on AfterEllen, I think to myself, “This is basically a 2,500 word shoutout.” I’m that raspy voiced rapper that jumps out behind the main act and bellows “YO! WHATTUP 212, 718 and 646. 347 HAAAAAYY. BROOOOKLYN IN DA HOOOUUUUSE. WHERE MY WILLIAMSBURG BITCHES AT? WASSUP TO MY HOMIES ON THE WESSIDE! CHELSEA KEEPIN’ IT DIRRRTTY! VOLI – THUG PASSION 2010!” except I pretend that it’s an article. Listen, this article is just a shoutout too. But it’s full of goodness, so read it.

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Ten lesbians watch YouTube parodies. Hilarity ensues.

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A couple of weeks ago I was at a rager at my friend’s house. We piled on a couch and watched YouTube parodies on a large flat screen TV hooked up to a MacBook. You can’t party like us, dawg.

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Ten lesbians run into a restroom. Did hilarity ensue? Sadly, it did not.

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Two Saturdays ago while at a birthday party at a club in Soho, a friend grabbed my arm and asked me to follow her. She was excited. The air was charged with energy. I saw that other guests were also headed in the same direction. Something big was about to happen.

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Yes, there’s a Droid App for THAT

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While I am not an app idea developer like Grace Fox, I am an app market researcher and I have listed some of the best/weirdest/#whydotheyhaveanAppforthat apps I have found while looking for Android apps.

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Group Post: Rejected Grace the Spot Blog Posts Part 1

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We here at Grace the Spot have low standards, but even some posts are sent to the rubbish bin compost heap. Here is a list of rejected GTS blog posts.

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Hipstamatic? Pfft! Try the Lesbomatic!

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You’ve heard of the Hipstamatic application for iPhone but now it’s time for the Lesbomatic! Digital photography has never looked so queer! This iPhone application turns your plain pictures into lesbian works of art.

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Why I want to be Asian

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This is really in honor of Chu and Yip, as their conversations about their mothers are fantastic. Chu’s recent posts on her facebook were the last straw in my decision to become Asian. I have always dabbled in the Asian through sushi bars, living in Southern California, and using chopsticks. It just isn’t enough anymore. I would like to be Asian, and I present my reasons why.

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