• Dinah Shore Weekend is a comin’! Interview with Mariah Hanson, founder of Club Skirts The Dinah
  • Ten lesbians run into a restroom. Did hilarity ensue? Sadly, it did not.
  • My Love is louder than “Yours”
  • Pretend to be nice for dates 1 through 15. Reveal true self after.
  • How to be The World’s Worst Girlfriend

Dear Women of Alabama: We live to serve.

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Last week we posted about how the Supreme Court of Alabama essentially denied the women of Alabama orgasms. In lieu of “Dear Grace” this week, Grace The Spot readers have decided to give the ladies of Alabama some unsolicited advice.

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Joe Wilson wrote the Sixth Season of The L Word

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Remember the internet meme Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle, which simultaneously fed into and satirized the cult of personality surrounding Obama during his candidacy? A new site, Joe Wilson is your Pre-existing Condition, inspired by Wilson’s “spontaneous” Tourettes-ish outburst at Obama’s health care congressional address is now making the rounds on teh internets. The Grace The Spot staff jumps into the fray and offers their additions, lesbian-stylee.

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Twitter Poll: Celebrities who may or may not be closeted, but we think that they may

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Lesbians are known for wanting famous women to be lesbians even though we have no chance with them, but sometimes certain famous women ping our gaydars so much that we can’t help but notice. Grace The Spot twitter followers speculate on the sexualities of the usual suspects.

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Twitter Poll: most ridiculous sex ever.

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Sometimes sex is hot, and sometimes it’s just not. Our Twitter followers dish about the sexual encounters that ended up being hysterical stories to tell in hindsight but were probably horrifying at the time.

A near drowning, an unfortunate incident with a babydoll, spontaneous Arlo Guthrie serenades, an unintentionally public elevator sexcapade and more after the jump.

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Twitter poll: Worst. Date. Ever.

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Earlier today, I asked our followers to dish about dating experiences that ended up in the Seventh Circle of Hell or beyond. Here are some of the responses:

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Hopefully, her first words when she came to weren’t, “Did we um, d…

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Twitter poll: lesbians find text message sex (“sexting”) tougher on the digits than real sex

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As we all know, lesbians as a group are technophiles and love to process. Consequently, we often suffer from the affliction known as lesbian texting syndrome. After all, we are also efficient, so getting our point across in 160 characters or less is second nature.

We flirt, define our relatio…

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Stuff Lesbians Like Part 100: Expensive booty calls

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New York City is a strange place. The thought of traveling to another borough or crossing a river – even for sex – is a frightening concept.

“What? You want me to go to Brooklyn for nookie? I live in Queens, and the G train is a figment of NYC’s collective imagination, so I guess I’ll just stay in.”
“You live in New Jersey? Um… I think I&#821…

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