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My hypothetical children

By in Parenting

My wife and I, while we would like to have children, are in the in-between stages of our lives. I just took a new job in Southern California and she will be going back to get her MSW. Money is tight, we are lesbians, and well, it just isn’t that easy. We have decided, in the interim, to have hypothetical children.

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Attack of the lesbian clones?

By in Awkward, Parenting, Straight People

It’s that time of year when the air is crisp and the leaves are beginning to fall gently onto the ground in colorful heaps.  The birds are flying south and the squirrels are returning to school. Did I say squirrels? That was a total slip of the typing fingers – I meant  children…the children are returning to school. With the new school year upon us, those of us lesbians who…

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