• Dinah Shore Weekend is a comin’! Interview with Mariah Hanson, founder of Club Skirts The Dinah
  • Ten lesbians run into a restroom. Did hilarity ensue? Sadly, it did not.
  • My Love is louder than “Yours”
  • Pretend to be nice for dates 1 through 15. Reveal true self after.
  • How to be The World’s Worst Girlfriend

Open thread.

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A vandalized subway poster in the subway station near my office.


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How to be The World’s Worst Girlfriend

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Inspired by Ilene Chaiken’s The L Word and The “Real” L Word.

You may have noticed that the post started off with a complex dilemma, and quickly moved on to partying, cheating and schlongs. I’m just following Ilene.

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The Real L Word Dictionary, Part 1

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We learned so many things about real lesbians last night on The Real L Word. We learned that in order to love women in a non-douchebaggy way, you have to be a douchebag. Also, New York City lesbians have “working hands” and are not polished. And what is “The Power of the Clam” and “pants and pumps”? So complicated! So much to learn! We try to simplify things for you.

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