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An Open Letter To Samantha Ronson

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Dear Ms. Ronson,

This letter isn’t about this:

As much as I kid about the editorial staff of Maxim’s questionable taste in women, I sincerely hope you and Lindsay Lohan have a happy and healthy “special friendship.” (And, girl, if LiLo should pull an Anne Heche on you, your lesbofabulous sisters have your back!)

However, I have serious concerns about this:

My G…

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LOLcats bubbled undetected in geek circles in 2005 and 2006. In 2007 they were coughed up like hairballs into the consciousness of the mainstream. But once the Wall Street Journal picks up on a fad, it means that the fad is not only past its peak, it’s in Terri Schiavo territory.

So here’s to life support! Enjoy!


(Okay, I made this one months ago, and although it&#8…

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L Word Season 5 Mystery #4

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Okay, where is Papi? Our favorite promiscuous fake Latina limo driver with the ridiculously stereotypical name disappeared from the show without a trace. Even Wikipedia doesn’t have an answer, which means her disappearance truly is a mystery. 😉 From Wikipedia:

Papi will not be included in the cast during season five, no information regarding why she has been released.


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