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Grace Chu

The Second Most Important Question In The World – Which Food Channel chef is your lover?


We have a new feature at Grace the Spot – surveys! Every week or so, we will introduce a new survey in which we will ask highly important questions affecting queer women. The survey is located in the sidebar on the right. (Yes, this means all you people following this blog via RSS readers or e-mail will have a reason to click back to the front page of the site. These are, after all, incredibly pressing questions!)

Earlier, Rosen asked what Dykes and the City noted was the most important question in the world – which 5 celebrities would you most like to have an affair with? The comment section of her post revealed that many lesbians have (not so) secret crushes on celebrity chefs, which isn’t that surprising, because as we noted before, lesbians also like food. Great food + attractive women = Lesbian Nirvana.

So this observation has led to the inaugural Grace the Spot survey question, which should be of interest to all lesbians: Which Food Channel chef is your lover? Take a trip to the survey and get your voices heard! Straight men, bi women, and adventurous straight women are encouraged to vote too!

Giada Di Laurentiis
(Note: Those are tomatoes, not fetuses or dead kittens. Don’t be disturbed.)



Rachael Ray



Nigella Lawson



Cat Cora
(Bonus! She’s a real lesbian!)

Don’t delay! Go to the sidebar on the right and vote! (And it’s totally kosher for Passover!)

8 Responses to “The Second Most Important Question In The World – Which Food Channel chef is your lover?”

  1. Dykes And The City Says:

    Well, I had to vote for Nigella since we don’t have a food channel in Belgium (I don’t know how we survive, I really don’t) but we do have Nigella. This doesn’t affect my loyalty to the deliciousness that is Pasma Lakshmi of course, but I understand that she is not a chef, she’s just gorgeous.

  2. lulazoid Says:

    At least Nigella *looks* like she also eats the food that she cooks. Go Nigella!

  3. Grace Yip Says:

    Dude, I’m writing in the FOOD on Food Network as my lover.

  4. Grace Chu Says:

    Hey! Giada may just have high metabolism! =P

  5. Orange Says:

    Come to think of it, the shows I like on Food Network are all hosted by men. Quirky looking men, more specifically. I guess my love would be food & food science (hence the quirky part).

    But if I HAVE to pick a lover, Lynn Crawford would have to be the one! (http://www.foodtv.ca/ontv/hostdetails.aspx?hostid=39692) Unfortunately, I think her show is only available on FTV Canada …

  6. Grace Chu Says:

    Hey, Nigella Lawson wrote this article back in 2000 about the artificiality of lesbian chic.

    This is the best quote ever:

    Most gays I know no longer have any interest in being icons of difference. All of us have begun to realise that what is important is to gain respect for how we live and love without defensive provocation.

    The challenge is to win the fight to be ordinary – not to be forced into the role of camp court jesters or brazen sapphic hussies.

    OMG! She wrote this eight years ago… before the normalization of gay people truly began to snowball.

    [Addendum: She also went to Oxford. And she’s Jewish. I am all for hot Jewish girls!]

    I am changing my vote!!!!

  7. lulazoid Says:

    rofl. Way to go! As a nice Jewish girl, I’m the last one to object 😉

  8. Efren Says:

    Ok, so this probably won’t count, but there’s a show called Douglas Chew Cooks Asia on Food Network Asia, whose main star is a totally out, hot Asian muscle daddy with tats. It pretty much fills all my requirements for my dream lover. 😉

    If I _had_ to choose someone to be my lover on Food Network US/Canada, it’d have to be Ming Tsai, since the men are just so NOT sexy. Well, maybe the guy who was the first host of The Secret Life Of, not the dork who hosts it now. Or the Asian guy in Iron Chef America who’s the supposed nephew of the host in the original Iron Chef–but come on, couldn’t Food Network find at least someone who’s Japanese American to play that role?!

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