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Grace Chu

Thanks for making us the class clown again!


Finalists have been chosen for this year’s Lezzies, and we’d like to thank our readers for calling us a bunch of jokers for a second year in a row.

Last year, we were up for three Lezzies, all against Dorothy Surrenders. Basically, it was like pitting a chihuahua against a rottweiler and expecting the chihuahua to last more than five seconds. Since we were the underdogs in a hopelessly lopsided contest, it was socially acceptable for us to beg and scream for votes. Although not everyone roots for the underdog, most people at least tolerate the incessant campaigning of a long-shot candidate, sort of like the way subway riders tolerate those scrappy teens who dance around and do flips in front of riders for extra change. But if I were to run around on the subway with a Dixie cup and beg for change in my business casual attire, people would probably be less amused. I would probably end up learning new insults to add to Urbandictionary though.

Last year, we squeaked out a win for Best Humor Blog after engaging in a variety of shenanigans, such as forming alliances, holding the morning bagels hostage until our coworkers voted, spamming our Facebook friends, and wailing like a bunch of feral cats. This year, doing so would be uncivilized. And so we will simply place a graphic on the top right hand corner of this site and hope you remember to vote for us for Best Humor Blog every day.

The categories to watch this year is the Entertainment/Culture category and the Parenting category.

First, the Entertainment / Culture category: Autostraddle has grown from a seedling into a hot sprawling mess of technicolor ivy blanketing the lesbian blogosphere. Every tenth lesbian you see on the street is an Autostraddle intern, and the site gets more traffic than the Jersey Turnpike during rush hour and the hot tub in Jersey Shore combined. In short, they may be the only blog with a chance to beat Dorothy Surrenders through legitimate means. (As stated above, we were shady last year.) Expect a massive East Coast / West Coast throwdown, which is always fun, except when a rapper gets shot in front of the Maxim Hotel, but I’m fairly certain no rappers will be harmed in the Lezzys. Also, check out Fit for a Femme, because if Snarker and Riese + 5,000,000 interns are going to be duking it out, they should be wearing those awesome duds while doing so.

Autostraddle is also up for Best New Blog. Yank that lever, kids! We totally support Autostraddle for Best New Blog, but since we were so mean to Snarker last year, we’re endorsing Snarker for the Entertainment category. Plus, it’s fucking Dorothy Surrenders, bitch.

Next, parenting: The trifecta of parenting blogs, which includes the Bloggie-nominated Lesbian Dad, AfterEllen vloggers Mombian, and Lezzy staple Up Popped A Fox (who writes at Grace the Spot as “Grace Fox“). Someone dial Miss Cleo, because this one is too close to call. (Up Popped A Fox is also nominated in the Personal category. Vote Fox!)

In the Politics/Feminism category, Fannie’s Room, who used to write here as “Grace Fannie,” is up against powerhouse Feministing. Yes, we know, we know. Insurmountable, but then again, no one thought that Rudy guy could play football at Notre Dame either, so let’s get on it!

Also of note, our pal Sugarbutch has been nominated yet again for the sexy category – and she is a contender for the Lifetime Achievement Award, a category that also includes the mother of all lesbian sites, AfterEllen. (Since AfterEllen is actually my adoptive blog mother, I have to show some filial piety and throw my vote for AE, but everyone congratulate Sinclair for being nominated!) But of course, throw Sugarbutch a vote in the hotsecksy category.

All of the blogs nominated are pretty swell, even the ones we didn’t mention, so remember to click on all of the links to check them all out. We’d like to wish them all good luck. And that is all we would like to say about The Lezzies. Oh, and vote for us. Daily. All right, we’ll stop now.


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