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Grace Chu

Best. Lesbian. Movie. Ever.


Last week we listed our picks for worst lesbian movie ever. This week we list the rare gems in the otherwise dirt and tears-filled cave of Sapphic themed films. This list is shorter, probably because it is so easy to list lesbian movies that just plain suck. In fact, one of these isn’t even a lesbian film, but hey, that’s why we were all blessed with the ability to imagine.

Grace Maxwell: My favourite lesbian movie is Butterfly. Although it’s quite long, I like the complex characters and the 70’s flashbacks.

Grace Fox: It’s so easy to pick bad ones because there are so many. If I had to pick one, I’d say Imagine Me and You because it was light and cute. No one dies. There is no tragic love unfulfilled. No angst. It helps that the end up together.

Grace Rooney: While this isn’t technically a lesbian movie, I have to say Under The Tuscan Sun. Kate Walsh and Sandra Oh as a lesbian couple and Diane Lane. Be still my overactive heart and imagination.

Grace Chu: D.E.B.S. because it is entertaining, light, humorous and has just the right amount of quirky camp sensibility. Plus, Jordana Brewster plays a hot lesbian villain. [Insert obligatory “nom nom nom” here.]

(Honorable mention goes to Red Doors, because Jane Chen is probably reading this. Hi Jane!)

What are some other lesbian films that are not just tolerable but are actually enjoyable to watch?

75 Responses to “Best. Lesbian. Movie. Ever.”

  1. lola k. Says:

    but i’m a cheerleader, of course!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Spider Lilies! It has Rainie Yang and was a fairly interesting watch, I thought. :)

  3. Sarah Says:

    “But I’m a Cheerleader!” is also cute. Oh, and “Love My Life.”

  4. Patten Says:

    “Entre-Nous” but then you probably have never even seen it….figures. Here you go in case you want to catch up and actually educate yourselves about lesbian film:



  5. Danika Says:

    But I’m A Cheerleader, I Can’t Think Straight, and Saving Face.

  6. Grace Yip Says:

    Saving Face, hands down. I’m also a fan of Butterfly and Spider Lilies…. although part of me loves these films simply because it’s in canto/mando. I’m biased. Whatevs.

    Has anyone here seen the little known Portland Street Blues? check it: http://www.sogoodreviews.com/reviews/portlandstreetblues.htm

    p.s. I’m amazed no one has uttered Bound yet. (holy cloner.)

  7. Melinda Says:

    I love some of the ones already mentioned, but I have to say that I Can’t Thing Straight and World Unseen are both brilliant. (Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth are amazing together!) Show Me Love is also pretty good.

  8. Melinda Says:

    Sorry, that should’ve read I Can’t Think Straight, not Thing.

  9. Mara Says:

    Saving Face hands down!

  10. Grace Fox Says:

    Damn. I forgot about Saving Face and But I’m a Cheerleader. Those are both great.

  11. Grace Fox Says:

    p.s. I never saw D.E.B.S. Will my queer card be revoked now?

  12. Kora Says:

    What about Loving Annabelle? They were both hot!

  13. Sarah Says:

    Loving Annabelle? I thought it was kinda creepy and disturbing, personally, but to each her own. :)

  14. g Says:

    Butterfly’s good, but it’s quite jarring to hear the teacher speak Cantonese, and then the younger girl would answer her in Mandarin. and they carry on entire conversations that way.

    i haven’t seen Spider Lilies, just read about it here for the first time. Googled it, and apparently it’s Taiwanese. hopefully it’s something lighthearted like Formula 17. Hong kong films tend to be depressing.

  15. Grace Underfire Says:

    I actually have to disagree with Patten on her selection. I also disagree with her tone.

    I have seen a lot of films and prefer those that play fun at lesbian lives…

    D.E.B.S. was one of the only films to be mass-marketed in America without losing the lesbian storyline.

    Imagine Me & You was grounbreaking for doing the same to a European audience, plug gaining momentum in America.

    But, I’m a Cheerleader is a sentimental selection, as I ran into the two main characters at a Butchies show in LA. Very amazing women…very amazing longevity and survival, as it is still playing on MTV and movie channels to this day.

  16. Cw Says:

    I Can’t Think Straight is my favorite, without question. Lisa Ray is incredibly sexy, the story is great, and it’s well-acted and written

  17. Janice Says:

    Saving Face is the best for me. I like the subtle drama and romance. Makes me believe in *true love*. Anyone here wants to chat about lesbian stuff and everything? Just holler.

  18. Janice Says:

    Oh yes, Imagine Me & You as well. I so like it very much!

  19. May Says:

    Spider Lilies is my own favorite, bar none. The story was rather sentimental and dark, but the pair had great chemistry that I haven’t ever seen in any other lesbian film.

  20. Lo Says:

    What about Lost and Delirious?! Yeah it’s dramatic and someone dies.. but I LOVE it! Oh and the music.

    Also love D.E.B.S… Jordana Brewster. ‘nough said.

  21. Grace Brightman Says:

    Yeah, Lost and Delirious isn’t as bad as some people make out. I like the melodrama to be honest – at least I knew what was actually going on, compared to the subtlety of My Summer of Love. Whooosh, that plot went right over my head.

  22. hello Says:

    love my life is HOT! jus caught it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  23. Noname Says:

    High Art
    Loving Annabel
    Lost and Delirious
    Adventure of two girls in love

  24. simba Says:

    bound. a must see. good film, good plot, good acting!

  25. Sam Says:

    – Bend It Like Beckham (I know it’s not really gay but Keira Knightley helllooo)

    – But I’m a Cheerleader (Pink bubblegum filled camp goodness)

    – If These Walls Could Talk 2 (Ellen and all the rest of them all in 1lesbian movie!)

    – Wild Things 1 (admit it,that pool scene is way hootery hot)
    – Imagine Me & You

    – Kissing Jessica Stein (How cute are they,come on)

    – Loving Annabelle (Erin Kelly=hot)

    – Calamity Jane (in this film, Doris Day is totaly gay i don’t care what nobody say)

    – Savingface (like who doesn’t love this movie…no1 that’s who!)

    Honourable mentions: Bound, Gia, Heavenly Delights, Fremde Haut, I Can’t Think Straight and A World Unseen

    Phew. . .that’s alotta lesbian 😛

  26. ashraf Says:

    feel nice and enlightened after visiting this site and intend to visit the site in future to have a clear picture of lesbian life.

  27. Judith Says:

    I will watch “D.E.B.S.” every time it’s on, just to hear Holland Taylor say, “A DEB is down.” I fall over laughing every time.

  28. Damsie Says:

    I Can’t Think Straight is the BEST movie by far (A fantastic film that highlights different cultural responses towards homosexuality. Definitely worth the watch.) as well as The World Unseen in which Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth are both in the movies directed by Shamim Sarif.

  29. Sam Says:

    I am lesbi-obsessed with “The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister” check it out, the chemistry is spot on, it’s based on her life…wish it would be made into a series with the same actors. It’s just a refreshing love story that really happened.

    I’m adding this to my list above.

    As well as Rizzoli & Isles cuz that’s the gayest show masquerading as a straight one.

    Plus Xena: Warrior Princess…doesn’t really need much explanation…gay,gay,gay,Renee O’Connor.

  30. Grace Brightman Says:

    @Sam SAME! (re Anne Lister) Oooh, her whole x thing lead me to an amusing predicament that you might like: http://abbrightman.blogspot.com/2010/06/how-annes-ruined-maths.html It’s funny, and ruined maths for a lot of people!

  31. Aj Says:

    The best… (for me)
    Saving Face (hands down!!!)
    I Can’t Think Straight (Leyla: I’m Gay; Leyla’s Dad, Sam: But I’ve only been gone for 2 hours… Who could not love a movie which is this well written)

    For a good laugh….
    But I’m a Cheerleader

    For ’emo’ days…
    Lost and Delirious
    The World Unseen
    Loving Annabelle (In which I thoroughly enjoy listening to the song All Over Me)

  32. Bree Says:

    Best Lesbian movie I recommend…. Bound it’s exiting, funny, and has a lot of sexual tension….and has a main idea that doesn’t involve them two being together.

  33. Kathleen Says:

    Thank you so much for this thread and the one about why are there so many bad lesbian movies. Back when Claire of the Moon came out, I went to it with a large group of friends. The small theater was filled with a mosly lesbian crowd, and we were all laughing continually at how stereotypical and ridiculous the movie was. A couple of young guys asked us afterwards what we’d been laughing at. They hadn’t realized how unlike real lesbians the characters were! We all went to my house afterwards, and after a great evening of humor, great storytelling and connection, I realized I could have left a camera running from the corner and we would have made a more interesting movie than Claire Of The Moon. In all the years since then I have continued to be baffled by the lack of good lesbian films, when lesbians I know are creative, funny, wise and, as someone else said on this thread, cool. OK, sorry for the rant. I actually am writing to say that the best lesbian movie I’ve seen is “I’ve Heard The Mermaids Singing.” It doesn’t have any sex in it, or even much of a lesbian relationship, but it’s the best ever. A Candian film. Please see it and have your hope restored. That film was made in the late 80’s. Perhaps some day another good lebian film will be made.

  34. Isabelle Says:

    I’ve seen most of the ones mentioned in here. I’ve downloaded the 4 that I have yet to see but my favorite movie of all time is Les filles du Botaniste. Breathtaking and intense love story. A must!

  35. Michelle Says:

    When Night is Falling, still one of the better ones. Also, maybe its time for all the talented, creative and movie making lesbians from over the world to create a series of films depicting lesbian life from varying cultures, and the struggle we all face… just a thought.

  36. liquid Says:

    hey everybody! how about fingermith?? i absolutely loved it!!!! yes, the secret diaries of miss anne lister is beautiful too!!…the world unseen is great!!!
    and i have found a couple of other movies that seem to be good: viola di mare, between two women, portrait of a marriage….:)
    hugs to you all!

  37. great Says:

    I thought Bloomington and Elena Undone were great too..

    I love Imagine Me & You, I Can’t Think Straight, Room in Rome… and all movies that had a happy ending :)

  38. you knowme Says:

    elena undone was very good

  39. Wren Says:

    my favorites:

    1. I can’t think straight

    2. Fingersmith

    3. Imagine me and you

    4. The World unseen

    5. Loving Annabelle.

    I haven’t seen Saving face, which is getting a lot of votes, so I’ll see that one soon.

  40. loppy Says:

    but im a cheerleader and loving annabelle duh of course..they were freaking funny until the teacher got arrested of course

  41. Rachel Says:

    I think Aimee & Jaguar was an amazing film.

    Yes, of course, one of the women dies – but it’s not the cliched ” lesbian always dies” scenario.

    In fact, I don’t have a problem with bad things happening to the lesbian character(s) so long as it’s fully justified within the story. Bad things happen in life, right?

    The (lesbian) love story in this film was so incredibly moving (and passionate).

    Aimee & Jaguar.

    And if you’re looking for a well written, happy ending/upbeat lesbian themed film – good luck ;0) Just my tuppenceworth……

  42. sruti Says:

    im quite imressed with the mvie loving annabelle and elena undone , after seeing both the movie i was very much disturbed the actors are awesome and love scenes are hot . must watch mvie

  43. Shae Says:

    I can watch I Can’t Think Straight and Saving Face All Day.. I’m a Sucker for happy endings…

    I have seen every movie listed here and they are all good movies to me but coming for someone that will watch and enjoy just about any kind movie that keeps my attention I don’t know if that really matters.

    Oh! I also thought “Tipping The Velvet” was very interesting but very lengthy and

    – Floored by Love
    – A World Unseen
    – Unveiled
    – If these walls could talk 2 (random statement I was wondering what “If These Walls Could Talk” was about so one day I sat down and started watching it and i was like omg! really I don’t think I got half way through the second story.)
    *Another Gay Movies was very very very disturbing even with the girl that was sleeping with all the cheerleaders.
    – Spider Lilies
    – Water lilies (Naissance des pieuvres)
    – Show Me Love (Fucking ÅmÃ¥l)
    – Better than Chocolate
    – And Then Came Lola
    – Precious (seen it once and probably would never watch it again but the teacher and her wife were hot)
    – Elena Undone
    – Monster (very depressing though)
    – The Roomate (Newly Added) 2011 (the one that is being stocked is very very hot don’t know her name yet.)

    I could keep going cause I have seen so many…

  44. Tyler Says:

    Well I just watched A Marine Story and I think that should be on the list

  45. Tyler Says:

    Well I just watched A Marine Story and I think that should be on the list.

  46. laura Says:


  47. ammu Says:

    i cant think straight, the world unseen, elena undone and saving face are very nice

  48. blueAngel Says:

    Hey :) here is my fave lez movies:


  49. blueAngel Says:

    Hey :) here is my fave lez movies:

    1.ELENA UNDONE (They were both amazing! can’t get enough of their hot scenes)
    2. I can’t tink Straight (Lisa Ray Beautiful)
    3. Loving Annabelle (erin kelly- wow)
    3.Chloe (Julianne Moore is still hot & Amanda Seyfried was gr8)
    4. Bloomington (teacher is Very very HOT its a teacher-student rel.)
    5.Black Swan (natalie portman & mila kunis= Perfect!)
    6.DEBS (jordana brewster- hot hot)
    7.Saving Face (great Story! all were pretty)
    8.Grey Matters (Heather GRaham was very very Funny!)
    9.Affinity (this movie will really surprise you its a great movie as well)
    10.When night is Falling (very interesting movie)
    11.Summer of Love (Emily Blunt very very very pretty!)
    12.Imagine Me & U (fun movie )

    enjoy People! =)

  50. tian williams Says:

    u wont repent if u watch-icant think straight, but i’m a cheerleader, saving face, debs, puccini for begginers, nina’s heavenly delights

  51. listing fil Says:


  52. Angelicious Says:

    my fave are
    I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT ‘N’ SAVING FACE…C’MON why is No one talkin about OUT AT THE WEDDING.. I think is hot too..

  53. Angelicious Says:

    If ya are nice and need a nice
    gf, lemme know…**winks**

  54. raine Says:

    does watching and loving lesbian films makes one become one? 0.o

    but anyway, i do loved spider lilies, imagine me and you, i cant think straight. ^^

  55. mitch Says:

    1. yes or no –thailand.. watch it!!! very nice movie..
    2. imagine me and you
    3. saving face (of course!)
    4. fingersmith
    5. rome and juliet –philippines..

    please post some new lesbian movies.. would really appreciate it.. hi angelicious..(“,) butch here..

  56. sonia smith Says:

    elena undone beautiful women the best love scenes i have seen in a lesbian movie

  57. spiderlilies Says:

    so many L movies.. im jus excited to watch.

    for me, i like ..
    1. bloomington (i like both of them smile n talk)
    2. Imagine me n u.. (so funny)
    3. I cant think straight (hot)
    and next i will …Kissing Jessica Stein, Saving Face..

    anymore recommendations, i love to hear from all of u.

  58. Lover Says:

    I like all the movies mentioned above and i would also like to mention some more-
    1. Desert Hearts
    2. April’s Shower
    3. All over me
    4. It’ in the water

  59. shahi Says:

    elena udone, Room in Rome,

  60. brissa Says:

    Elena undone
    If these walls could talk
    Lost and delirious
    Claire of the moon

  61. gg Says:

    no one ever mentions Elena undone its fantastic!

  62. tiffany Says:

    I love spider lilies , saving face , imagine u and me . They are great moves..
    L words not bad either.

  63. caroline Says:

    DEBS is possibly one of the cutest movies i’ve ever seen & i could honestly watch it for a week straight on repeat…& it stars jordana brewster, who is too sexy for words 😉 wild things 2 & 3 also have some really hot sex scenes, i have yet to see the first…

  64. kahtleya_17 Says:

    im a closet bifemme and got addicter\d watching all these lesbo movies. (yeah i have the copy of most of the movies). I really love “I cant think straight”…the story + the characters+humors=great film, Try to watch the “chinese botanist’sdaughter” is a great movie too…although has a sad ending…saving face is also cute..;) ..as well as kissing jessica stein…

  65. pinkyier Says:

    i almost watch all les movies that already mention here…anyone can recommend the best list of movie…

    lim bi and i like girls…more

  66. pinkyier Says:

    i almost watch all les movies that already mention here…anyone can recommend the best list of movie…

    im bi and i like girls…more

  67. Rae rae Says:

    Pinkyier, here are some not mentioned if youd like some more.
    So i have netflix and looked up all of these, sadly not all of them are available to watch instantly.
    *butch jaime is one not mentioned
    *tipping the velvet is intense
    *kate’s addiction
    Honestly i just went on google and typed in good lesbian movies and got a bunch of different lists:)
    Hope this helped a little.

  68. kahtleya_17 Says:

    oh i will add to my list now… nina’s heavenly delights — very delicious!
    and rome and juliet from phil…

  69. Iamcristine Says:

    Yeah . Rome and Juliet . I can’t believe Philippines has a great les movie as well despite of the country’s very conservative tradition and ow , mylene dizon (rome) is indeed hot here 😉

  70. jess and joy Says:

    If these walls could talk was the 1st movie to move me and an eye opener to me as well…

    YES OR NO (THAI MOVIE) really really good…my obsession…iv watched this film for so many times and it keeps me fall in love over and over again

    tipping the velvet is very very brilliant, well made story

    Saving Face, two thumbs up!!! the story is really cute and romantic..

    Lost and delirious, sad ending but has a nice story

    Elena undone, its a great story, Elena is indeed brave to take the consequences of her love for Peyton

    Imagine Me and you is fantastic

    The Incredibly adventures of two girls in love is good

    Loving Anabelle and the Chinese botanist’s daugther, gud but has a sad ending

    Spider Lilies, the story is not enough for me, i want more from it

    And then Came Lola, hot love scenes

    Hannah Free, ill definitely watch this

    When night is falling, The secret diaries of Miss Anne Lister, Better than Chocolate, Kaleldo (PHILIPPINEs movie) These are all great movies

  71. Elena Says:

    My favorite of all: Loving Annabelle! Diane Gaidry’s acting is one of the best I saw in all movies ever. Such an amazing actress!

  72. Elena Says:

    My favorite of all: Loving Annabelle! Diane Gaidry’s acting is one of the best I saw of all movies ever. Such an amazing actress!

  73. Becky Says:

    Thank you so much for all of these movies! I thought I’d seen all the happy ending movies out there was despairing until I found all your lists. Thanks so much!!

  74. Shin Says:

    Here are some of my list. Just like to share with you guys 😀


    LOVING ANNABELLE – Despite the sad ending, I still love this movie. Maybe because I can relate to the story and the actors are great. Especially Diane Gaidry who played Simone Bradley. She acts naturally and her voice is very sweet, soft and seductive I may say. But there’s an alternate ending which was after a month, Annabelle finds out that no charges has been made on the Teacher-Student sex scandal and then Annabelle goes to the beach house where Simone lives. And they live happily ever after. :)

    LOST AND DELIRIOUS (Tragic Ending)
    ELENA UNDONE (Good story. Brave act)
    ROOM IN ROME (Pure sex. Hahaha)
    BLOOMINGTON (Teacher is sooooo HOT!)
    BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER (Very funny :D)
    YES OR NO (Looking forward to watch Yes or No 2)

    Still searching for other pink movies. If you have one, kindly post here so I can download and watch it. Cause honestly, I can’t get over to the movie Loving Annabelle. I LOVE SIMONE BRADLEY. Craaaaazy :p

  75. Yuta Says:

    One outstandig feel-good-movie:

    KYSS MIG – with engl. subs (English title: KISS ME or WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT)

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