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Grace O'Neill

Where in the World Has Grace O’Neill Been?


First off, an apology to all of you the loyal GTS readers out there.  My blogging sabbatical lasted a bit longer than I had originally anticipated.

I’m sure inquiring minds would like to know who what I’ve been doing over the past few weeks that has kept me from my blogging duties. Well, there are a couple normal life factors that can be blamed.  New projects at work, moving apartments, meeting the woman of my dreams…

But truthfully, my absence can be chalked up to two simple words. Gay Sports.

Yup, that’s right.  I’ve been fully immersed within the NYC Gay Sports scene. Softball. Dodgeball. Football… You name it, I play it.  And I’m not the only one.

Sure, everyone and their uncle knows about the NYC party scene.  Snapshot, Proposition, Nation, Eden. Heck, our very own Grace Chu is even brave enough to venture out into it every now and again.  But what most NYC lesbians don’t know, is that there’s a whole other scene out there that involves a lot less dim lighting and whole lot more interconnectivity and drama.

For those of you (which I think it’s safe to say roughly 95% of you GTSers) who aren’t familiar with the NYC Gay Sports scene, here’s a quick breakdown:

BK BALLERS: Unlike the other leagues , nyc gay basketball takes a certain breed of lesbian. You not only have to be relatively blessed in the height department, but also need to be a frequenter of a little old borough called Brooklyn.

Although I don’t play in the league myself (thanks to my need for a nifty robo brace), I do know quite a few girls that do and let’s just say they brought a whole new meaning to the term “boxing out”.

DODGEBALLIN’ DIVAS: There are two types of dodgeballers.  Those that dabble with the sports once or twice a summer when Diva Dodgeball rolls into town and those brave souls who devote their Monday nights (and sometimes early hours of Tuesday mornings) to playing in BAD!

Both require an iron liver and ability to dodge random balls flying at one’s face… which trust me, is easier said than done for a lesbian.

BLOCK N’ TACKLERS: Formed rather recently, the womens’ division of the NYC gay flag football league is truly a melting pot of lesbian representatives from the other leagues.  Softball, Dodgeball, Basketball. And since games are usually on Sat nights, that mean 90% of the league has already been playing a sport for most of the day.

Oh, and don’t let the word “flag” fool you… Getting more than physical is required.

SOFTBALL MAFIA: Ladies, this ain’t your Mid Western Housewives’ softball league. Big Apple Softball league is big, uber gay, and just like any good mafia, comes equipped with established families teams.

Unlike the other leagues, softball requires that people organize their own teams, so naturally most teams are really just a huge lesbian clique in jerseys.  They play together, drink together, and of course sleep together.

In short, most games are like looking at a live version of groups “charts” complete with exes wielding baseball bats!

Although I could go on for hours on the interconnectivity found within the NYC gay sports scene, my real work in calling me.  But I leave you with this… If you ever find yourself growing tired of the NYC party scene and craving to relive your jockish glory days of youth, just remember, if you can call it a sport, then there’s a gay league for that :)

5 Responses to “Where in the World Has Grace O’Neill Been?”

  1. z Says:

    Where does the Park Slope Women’s Softball League fit into this?
    My impression, based on playing for the league for two years, is that it’s less cliquey because the draft for new players is random, and also that the age range skews significantly older than the Big Apple league. Most of the players are lbt, but not all. Like 85-90%. Many of the players have been on the same team for at least half a dozen years, usually a lot more. Each team will get maybe 2-3 news players a season, but that’s it. The people who play, maybe because they are older with families and more responsibilities, tend to *only* play softball (though I knew some gay bball players in the league as well).
    Anyone agree/disagree with any of that?

  2. Ab Says:

    Damn not living in New York but crappy england where people think football is soccer and no-one’s even heard of softball. Damn!

    And hey, welcome back O’Neill.

  3. Grace O'Neill Says:

    Z, BASL actually introduced a Womens division two seasons ago and it pretty much gave birth to roughly 9 teams with the average age being mid 20’s. And there are tons of ex college players :)

  4. Sam Says:

    well, I just started playing rugby for Brooklyn Women’s Rugby and I am having a blast. Very welcoming to new people, I had never played before and it is sooo much fun. So if you want something with a bit more contact check out rugby. There are a few teams in the NYC metro area. We play in tournaments, Practice twice a week and of course go out. http://www.brooklynwomensrugby.com

  5. Grace Chu Says:

    Earlier this week I looked at my Facebook feed and saw multiple postings for a (get this):


    to (get this)


    It was officially the gayest thing I’ve seen on Facebook, and I see a lot of gay things on Facebook. I am now gayer simply by knowing of its existence. I am too afraid to actually attend, because I think my head would explode from too much gay.

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