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Grace Underfire

Queer Beer: a beer for gays and lesbians


I open Deccan Herald, a Bangalore-ian Newspaper and google search engine result, and I find this….

Queer Beer, a beer for gays and lesbians, Mexico City, Feb 3 (IANS/EFE)

A Mexican company has launched a new beer aimed at the gay and lesbian community that will also be exported to other countries, company officials said.

The “honey-flavored” beer will initially be sold in Mexico and later exported to Colombia and Japan.

“We’ve entered the market with great respect, with the idea of offering a product aimed at the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community, which has been neglected but is very important and very demanding,” said Dario Rodriguez Wyler, marketing chief of Bodega 12 beer.

The beer is being sold at gay bars and restaurants in Guadalajara, one of Mexico’s most traditional cities, as well as in Mexico City and beach resorts such as Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

In the coming months, the company will export over 1,000 cases of the beer to Colombia and Japan, Wyler said.

The beverage comes in two different types of packaging, Salamandra and Purple Hand, which recalls a famous gay-rights protest in San Francisco in 1969.

The label is designed in a way that enables consumers to remove it from the bottle and display it as a sign of gay pride, Wyler said.

The company is also planning to launch a strawberry-flavoured beer. Guadalajara and its surrounding area are home to several micro-brewers who sell beers with attention-grabbing names like “10 Marado”, named after Argentinian soccer legend Diego Maradona.

This causes me to pause. Are lesbians “honey-flavored”? Did the Deccan Herald look up quotes from Go Fish and decide to use “honey pot” as a label for our people?

This is obviously a beer that is not designed for dykes. I surely would not drink anything that didn’t kick my non-existent balls into next week. Beers like this are only for events like ballgames and corporate sponsored events. Would I try a Mexican beer with a naked lesbian on the bottle? Did I just assume there would be a naked lesbian on the bottle? I digress.

Also, why Japan and Colombia? This is starting to really weird me out. Is there a giant mecca of lesbians in Colombia and Japan. Hmmmmm…..I wouldn’t imagine myself, in Colombia, pulling out a bottle with a gay pride flag, a naked lesbian on the bottle (pure speculation), and saying “VIVA LA GAY!” That might happen in my living room, but Colombia? Japan? I think not.

…and we all know who the strawberry-flavoured beer is marketed toward….Fllllaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmiiiiiing.

8 Responses to “Queer Beer: a beer for gays and lesbians”

  1. lesinthecity Says:

    Actually, Colombia has a fairly large and active gay population, and it’s been taking large strides toward gay rights. For example, gay/les civil unions are allowed.

    Argentina might be a better choice to market a queer beer in Latin America, but Bogota is just a step behind Buenos Aires in the gay party scene, and it’s much closer in distance to Mexico where this particular beer is produced. As a business decision, marketing queer-related products in Colombia is not a bad one.

  2. kathlab Says:

    jealous because it’s not going to be exported to your country ?
    well i am

  3. Nels Says:

    Don’t think I’d drink honey-beer but would try it cos its pro-gay so that part is gay, although I’d prefere a beer with tequila for us dykes 😉

  4. Nels Says:

    Meant “that part is cool”…

    They should bring it to South Africa, the young South Afrtican will try anything

  5. nakedfemme Says:

    Strawberry flavored beer???

  6. Isha Says:

    This sounds delicious! None of the flavors are out of this world, do you people not drink dogfish head (it’s a beer company), try their punkin ale:) I really want to try the honey flavored one from this beer why can’t they just bring it to NY and experiment on us lmao ^_^ I guess I’m off to Japan 😀

  7. fuck Says:

    I just love beer

  8. Vince Says:

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