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Grace Chu

I’m bringing Carmen back. Them motherf*ckers don’t know how to act.


[Warning! L Word spoilers ahead!]

Yoo hoo! ‘Tis the last day of voting in The Weblog Awards.

Alex Blaze from The Bilerico Project, which is now in second place in the LGBT category in the Weblog Awards, told me that in order to win, it is less important to write quality posts and more important to conjure up “some pretty crazy ideas to get people to click [the voting] link.” So I ventured over to The Bilerico Project to see what “crazy ideas” he came up with. Their latest vote solicitation contains half naked pictures of hot dudes and Rachel Maddow. (WAIT WAIT WAIT! Don’t leave! I meant the hot dudes are half naked. Rachel Maddow is actually clothed. Sorry to disappoint.) I also ventured over to Joe.My.God., who is also doing well in the LGBT category, and his latest request for votes contains a photo of a shirtless beefcake with an unfortunate haircut, although I am sure most of his readers will forgive the haircut.

Crazy ideas? CRAZY IDEAS?! Posting pictures of attractive people is considered clever these days? That’s all they could come up with? Amateurs!

Listen, how about this…

You heard me. Click on the picture of Sarah Shahi below and vote for us for Best New Blog, and I promise that the uber sexy Carmen (played by Sarah Shahi) will make an appearance in the last episode of Season 6 of The L Word. That’s right. A vote for Grace the Spot is a vote for the return of Carmen de la Pica Morales. “But wait,” you say. “She might come back even if I don’t vote.” Please. Do you really want to tempt fate? How about this. If all of you click on that picture and vote for us, I guarantee that there will be a 100% chance that Carmen will return in the final season of The L Word.

Do it. Do it now (or at least before 5pm Eastern Time when the polls close), or you may be filled with regret for the rest of your life.

As an added bonus, I will make sure that Jenny dies.

The new season starts this Sunday. Are you ready?

9 Responses to “I’m bringing Carmen back. Them motherf*ckers don’t know how to act.”

  1. Alex Blaze Says:

    TOO FUNNY!!!

    I’m so doing a post after this is over about the things the queers ended up doing to try to win. Zoe Brain, the transwoman in the Australia/New Zealand category got an MSM endorsement.

    You’ve seen the boi pics and humor on our pad, but you haven’t seen the shady dealings that I couldn’t describe here unless I wanted to sleep with the fish. It’s a mad, mad competition!

    But beefcake actually works best. Although, like I said elsewhere, the Rachel Maddow pics were second only to Leo Dicaprio, and I posted several other boi pics and pulled other crazy stunts. But Rachel Maddow gets clicks.

    I’m sure you saw TGCAW about the train engines, which was great. There’s also a few “I’m not going to win, and I’m so sad, so vote for meeeeeee” posts going around, and I know what those folks are doing. 😉

    But grandiose campaign promises… I never thought of that!

  2. m Says:

    Heheh, I imagine you’re going to get hordes of angry lesbians who didn’t want to read spoilers. But I say – death to Jenny! Yay. Damn the unspoiled crowd, it’s too good to keep under wraps.

  3. Vikki Says:

    If I had known you had such power, I would have asked you to do away with a few plot points over the past 5 seasons.

  4. Rhea Says:

    I almost hurt myself from laughing so hard at that….brava :)

  5. Kelly (Gold Star Dyke) Says:

    You ladies have my vote!!! Good luck!!! And remember, just a nomination is a good thing.

  6. Julie Says:

    Voted again for you…anything in the name of Carmen!

  7. Carol Says:

    Just put my final vote in. It’s posts like this one that show why this blog should probably win ANY competition, and I’m not just saying that as an overly competitive lesbian.. well, maybe a little. =] Anyway, you ladies always have me smiling. Keep up the great work!

  8. deliriousil Says:

    Voted for you as many times as I could. I was at a house party during the weekend, after knocking down a few bottles of wine and overhearing excessive details and the newest obscure insults about certain people’s crazy exes, it suddenly crossed my mind that I can benefit from a new IP and MAC address of the NIC at my friend’s house and voted for the fourth time that day.

    I also utilised the news feed of facebook to urge all of my contacts who laughed at some of my favourite quotes from this blog to vote for you. Only after hitting the submit button did I realise that I wasn’t even out to everyone on my facebook especially not my colleagues in the Far East office I am now at, OOPS.

    May be I didn’t try hard enough to get over the death of Dana, as I didn’t put it down at the top of my new year’s revolution list and don’t know if it’s physically possible to try any harder, but if you can resurrect Dana from the grave for S6, I am sure can figure a way to squeeze out a few more votes.

    Whilst polls are being counted, I better go detoxicate my week worth of caffeine over-dosage from the Wifi-enabled café and restore my blackberry for some proper work.
    And No I can’t explain to you why the word “whilst” is making a comeback amongst generation Y, as it never really dropped out of fashion in Europe.

  9. skippy Says:

    i am not a lesbian, tho sometimes i think i am a lesbian trapped in a heterosexual man’s body, because i like women so much. anyway i found your blog thru jon swift, and i personally lurv the l word, and carmen. it’s a damn shame she is being wasted on that mess that is life over on nbc. is it me or are tv shows jumping the shark at an exponentially increasing rate these days? anyway i’m glad jenny is dead, i killed her. not really but i wish i did.

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